Nora Bo Awadh Professional Makeup Sponges


Get the Triple Interaction Set from Jawhara Store, As the store provides you with a 3-piece concealer sponge set, To provide you with a distinct look with a special and attractive luster.

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Concealer sponge from Nora Bo Awadh is your way to get an unparalleled radiance and attractive look..
Get the 3-piece face contouring sponge set to blend concealer and corrector in a high-quality manner, and give you a look that gives you luster and glamor..
The set comes with attractive colors and a soft texture on the face.

Features of the blemish concealer and face-defining sponge:

The set gives you an attractive look and comes with:
3 sponges in two different shapes for perfect application of blemish concealer and face-defining.
The face-defining and blemish concealer sponge is perfectly suitable for cream, liquid, or powder makeup.
It distributes face-defining without impurities.
Can also be used for applying foundation.
The round blemish concealer sponge from the bottom and tapered from the top allows you to apply makeup in all facial folds.

Tips for a better look:

You can use the blemish concealer sponge to blend makeup dry or wet, but when wet, it gives better application and gently massages the skin. Get the blemish concealer and face-defining sponge now and always be radiant.

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