Gold plated bracelet


A gold-plated bracelet with a shiny blue pearl.

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The shiny golden luster is elevated with the softness of the blue gemstone on your wrist, giving you a captivating ornament for everyone to admire. that it A gold-plated bracelet adorned by your hand for an attractive splendor while attending events.


  • Gold plating.
  • Gemstone.
  • For ladies and young women.


The gold bracelet adds softness to your wrist as soon as you wear it, adding beauty to it.

It is a gold-plated bracelet with a blue gemstone in the middle, giving the wrist a very lovely sky-blue appearance.

You can coordinate the bracelet with different jewelry pieces to complete your modern look with beloved softness.

This bracelet is compatible with various outfits, making it the distinctive piece you want to wear during weddings , birthdays and family parties.

It is the perfect gift that you can give to your children, mother, friends, and sisters to become an unforgettable memory.

The designed loops are tightly integrated, making the bracelet look like one piece when exposed to sunlight. It glows under light and catches the eye!

The gemstone comes inside a tightly sealed gold square frame, so don’t worry about the gemstone falling off while adorning this enchanting piece.

The bracelet’s lock is compatible, easy to lock and unlock again for easy removal and wearing at any time and place.


How beautiful it is to adorn your hands with a gold-plated bracelet with a shiny blue gemstone…

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